Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The weirdness that is me

Who doesn't love a little Ree-cipe every now and then?  Even if you don't cook a lot, or at all, the recipes at Pioneer Woman are usually fun to read and of course the photography of the process is wonderful
Today's recipe is Springy Flower Pot Desserts.  Click over and read it, then come back here.  I'll wait...

See?  It's ten kinds of cute.  Big wow factor.  And looks easy.   Not too expensive, either.

But I'll never make it in a million years.


It's the clay.  The pot.  And dipping my spoon into the dessert in the clay pot.  And risking my spoon...ssscraaaping...the side of the clay pot.  I can barely write the sentence.

Hearing this sound, feeling this feeling in my hands, would cause my face to contort at the table. Like when I was a kid and the eraser on my pencil was down to the nub, and the metal of the pencil met with the paper.  That kind of contortion.

And that would be embarrassing.  And painful.

And somehow, making the dessert using a different container, one without so much risk involved, would take away at least five of the ten kinds of cute.  And I wouldn't want to do that.

So this'll have to be one I don't try.

Oh, and if you're my friend or sister, and you happen to make these when I come over, don't get your feelings hurt if I step out of the room while everyone scrapes to their hearts' content.

I'll be in a corner somewhere rocking back and forth.

And eating the uncrushed Oreos.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, so I went to the recipe page as you suggested and also read all the comments... Don't those women have other things to do??? But plastic pots could be used, or paper cups??? I have used small clay pots filled with a few pieces of candy (wrapped) for table favors. Even painted them different colors. Have some extras for the boys when they visit again.

RL, Sr.

Lori Hill said...

I am right there with you. I can barely stand to hear people outside in the summer raking their sidewalks. I was the kid that literally got (and still get) nauseated from hearing chalk scrape across a chalk board!

Anonymous said...

I can't stand the feel of clay pots, the sound probably won't bother me, I'll have to look at recipe, but I did look at a recipe the other day in a clay pot and I thought, yuk, but they said to line it first with plastic. rw

Anonymous said...

Ok, I looked and I would definetly have a problem with my spoon on the side of that pot, I just really don't want to eat from a pot but they are cute. rw