Saturday, March 20, 2010

Beth and 2 Bird Designs!

So?  Ya'll like it?  I think my new design is awesome...and I think it fits me: just the right amount of floral and some sporty stuff, too.  I didn't ask my designer if she'd ever mixed baseballs with flowers for a client.

In fact, if you are considering, even a teensy-weensy bit, starting a blog or doing a redesign of your existing one, consider Beth at 2 Bird Designs.  She was absolutely heaven to work with, for three big reasons:

She showed up on time.  Beth's turnaround time on getting a comp ready and implementing whatever changes we talked about a word: fast.  In another word, prompt.  I never had to wonder when I was going to see her response emails or ping her for an update.  Nice!

She listened to me.  She really tried to interpret what I was saying I wanted...even though I didn't really know myself.  We did the entire process from start to finish via email...I thought it might be kind of hard to do but it was really easy!

Her work is worth more than she charges.  'nuff said.

In addition to 2 Bird Designs, Beth authors an amazing personal blog called I Should Be Folding Laundry.  Now's a good time to tune in to it, too, since she's 38+ weeks pregnant! the next few days and/or weeks I hope to have all those fancy buttons she put on the right-hand side of my page actually doing something.

However, I believe my readers know well enough, though, that when I put a timeline on something it's really just filler.

christine sig


Anonymous said...

I like it, Christine. Very pretty.


Anonymous said...

Kind of "vintagey" (I know that's not a word) and sporty at the same time. I love the colors.

Cathy said...

She was fabulous to work with. I had her do my blog too. I love your design - the floral and sporty combo works great!