Sunday, March 21, 2010

Overheard: inspired Cooper

I read to the boys tonight from a sweet book called Goodnight God.  The book has little two-page stories that are like little inspirational stories for kids and they follow with a related prayer.

Tonight's story was about a boy imagining he was wearing magic pajamas...pajamas that made his brain swell with knowledge, his legs strong and muscular, and his hands large and encompassing.  At the end of the story they boy imagines "what would I be if I took off these pajamas..."


After my dramatic pause.

Cooper:  "You'd be naked."

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Christine. I needed a good laugh on Monday morning after spring break.

Anonymous said...

Little kids are so literal. 3rd grader after I said to give me a sentence with a conjuction (and, or, but) You know which one he chose. "Does my but look fat in these jeans?" rw