Thursday, September 16, 2010


Today he's five.

Today he's leaving behind another year.
Today he's at an age where he could remember any day of his childhood from now on.
Today he wears a size 6.
Today I still love staring at his blue eyes.
Today his favorite things are the Wii, Wipeout, and Legos.  And school.  And not fruit or vegetables.
Today I can remember the moment he was born and the doctor told me he was a him.  And I realized I had two hims and I laughed and cried at the same time.
Today I hope he never forgets how he kisses me on the arm for no reason.  And when he's a smelly 10-year-old I hope I never forget how soft that feels.
Today he still crawls in bed with us at night.  And burrows up next to me as if he hasn't seen me in a week.
(Today I wish we had a bigger bed.)
Today I'm surprised at something he did.  I can say that this morning because I know it'll be true later on.
Today I realize that I thought I'd be teaching him, but he's the real teacher in our relationship.

Today, he's five.

christine sig