Monday, March 29, 2010

Surprise for my surprise

I'm headed home from a trip to see my sweet pregnant niece and her sister and my sister.  I'm getting ready to board a plane to Tulsa and I am only an hour or so away from laying eyes on my three favorite people in the world.  I did not need three days away to confirm my love for these guys, but lordy it sure does amplify the situation!

I'll be posting more later, but in a nutshell:  I went to Denver to surprise Tracy at her baby shower.  And my sister who was also in the dark about my visit.  Oh, the fun of a surprise.

But in spite of Holly and I replaying the "reveal" over and over, experts at covert missions we are not.

So our surprise was busted. 

Details to follow...right now I have to wiggle down the tiny aisle of a Southwest plane and try not to think about the smell of my little one's neck.

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Anonymous said...

Well there's always next time! Maybe you need some tips from the tricksters with Janie's Big 50 party.I'm sure it was a lot of fun anyway. rw

Tracy said...

Don't listen to Christine, I was most definitely completely and totally surprised! She's just sad she didn't get the bewildered looks and shrieking of me and my mom on video! It was a wonderful weekend and Christine's surprise was truly the best part. =)

Anonymous said...

That sounds like so much fun! Did your hubby have anything to do with this? He's good at planning those surprises. jw

Anonymous said...

oh, fun! got pictures?