Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Cookie fever

It's March now...a whole three months since I made any sugar cookies so I'm starting to get the urge to break out the cutters again.  Unlike my fondant creations, I can do some mean sugar cookies without crying at the end.

But are ya'll ready for this?  How would you like to roll out your dough with NO flour, with no sticking, and keep your counter top and your rolling pin completely clean?

I know, too good to be true.

But maybe not...check out this technique from Bake It Pretty, a site I'm lovin' lately.  I haven't tried it yet but oh, man, I'm planning to.


Anonymous said...

I need to remember this for when we make cookies at school. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I smell some Easter cookies in my future. What kind of icing do you use? And, while I'm at it. What sugar cookie recipe?

Christine said...

Moira, I stick to a Royal Icing recipe (I like to call it "the only icing" when it comes to cookies) that I found in a BH&G mag a while back.

For cookies, I use the recipe on the same page as the Only Icing recipe.

Maybe I should post them here...

HOWEVER, bakeitpretty has a sugar cookie recipe on her site that I'd like to try. Also, I stole a Southern Living mag from my mom's that has a lemon-type cut-out cookie recipe. Endless possibilities.

BTW, my mom said she has used this rolling-out method lots of times for pie crusts. Should have known...

The thing I love about this method is that the rolling out is bound to be so much easier since you're doing it pre-chill-time. Like, before you chill, man.