Wednesday, August 26, 2009

C'mon, learn something!

Alrighty, then.

Fifth day of school for Mickey. Wouldn't it be funny if I posted something every day about Mickey's kindergarten year? I could post what he said at the end of each day, what he brought home in his backpack, and what he had for lunch.

(Please tell me no one thinks I'm serious. Talk about the best way to lose all seven of you as readers.)

But really, it's that little stuff is all I've been thinking about lately. As far as what he's actually learning, maybe he's keeping that to himself for some big reveal in the future. The way far off future, I suspect.

Thing is, we new parents were instructed to let the information lie for a while...don't ask too many questions, don't pressure the kids to recount every minute of their day.

Easier said than done. But I'm learning.

For now I refrain from "what did you learn today" and gobble up the tidbits that do come forth from time to time ("we got to choose a book to take home today...").

I'm just impatient to know how he's going to do...what he'll accomplish in school and what he'll need help with. It's almost like when he was a baby and I wondered what he'd be like as a five-year-old.

Yikes...that means the time right now, right this minute, is going to pass in a flash.



Anonymous said...

I bet he comes home tired. Maybe he'll give you more details on the weekend.

steffj89 said...

LOL give it a month or so and he will hit the point where he talks your ears off about everything and nothing.
my friend and i were talking about this the other day that last year (kind) we both wondered etc and about the middle of oct the kids started talking and talking and talking and i am not sure either one of them has shut up yet....
hers is a girl and mine a boy so that doesnt seem to matter.

Anonymous said...

Remember when RW's oldest would not tell her what he did at pre-school unless she stopped at "Rascal's" first and got him a pop?


Anonymous said...

"right this minute is going to pass in a flash" True. Last night... Leanna: "Yes, Amy. I'm engaged!" Amy: "Wow! Seems like I just met you and you were making noises under your arm, and now you're getting married!"
(Cute photos!!) And OMG rita! I was just going to mention about that!! Can't believe you remembered. LOL! rw

Anonymous said...

Come on you rookies. Right before you turn off his bedroom light and you want him to go to sleep ask him what he learned at school that day. Then good luck getting him to quit talking and go to sleep.