Monday, August 10, 2009

Boxes and stuff

I'm starting to wonder if the boxes that have yet to be unpacked really need to be. After all, the last few I've unleashed were full of things I forgot I even owned. Could that be a sign I don't need them? Wait, one of them was full of old cheerleading uniforms...surely they will be of some use to me again someday.

The boys are lovin' their playroom. And as long as I hear them up there running back and forth periodically I don't worry. It's when the quiet ensues that I feel the need to check on them. Is that a universal parenting thing??

Little by little we are getting settled, but my word, it's gonna be weeks before I don't have something to put away. Although it seemed I was forever doing that at the old house so I suppose nothing much will change.

Alex asked me the other day when we were going back to the old house. I tried to explain as gently as I could that someone bought it from us and she's now living there, and we have a new house.


I know the questions will get more complex when they get older; for now I'm going to enjoy answering the easy ones.

So...eleven days until my oldest starts kindergarten and just a few days until two nephews and a niece start college.

And starts a new chapter on this blog...I hope.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you back on here. Are you enjoying all the extra room in your new house? You know, that's cool Alex asked about the old house because that means he remembers it and maybe will always remember it. And don't get rid of those cheerleader uniforms!

Anonymous said...

Glad your making some progress, what a big job. See ya all soon. rw

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear an update. Will we get to see pictures?


Christine said...

Pictures...good one.

Matt Perez said...

Great post much appreciate the time you took to write this.

Matt Perez said...

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