Thursday, August 20, 2009

My poor littlest. Whatever.

I decided to start a new tradition with Mickey when school starts: he gets to go to the bookstore and pick out a new book. In order to protect Alex from the trauma he would surely suffer while watching Mickey get all this attention, I told him we would go to Target and he could choose a new CD. He's lovin' his music these days, especially putting in the CD and turning it on himself.

So after we took Mickey to school this morning (details on that later) off we went to Target to accomplish the task. Alex chose The Imagination Movers and talked about it the whole way home. He eagerly trekked off to his room, inserted the CD, and listened to exactly one-half a song.

Then he took the CD out and put in one of his old ones. And fifteen minutes later he's still in there listening to it.

So much for impending trauma...


Anonymous said...

The question is, did you buy a new book and CD for yourself?

Christine said...

Ahhh, good point!

Anonymous said...

I agree with BV. It's not the kids that needs these things, it's us. And I'm eating a dark chocolate candy bar right now.

Anonymous said...

They never act like you think they are going to act. It's part of their charm, lol.