Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Today the boys and I went to the restaurant where I thought I left my camera to see if the person who looked for it was incompetent. She wasn't. No luck.

So I called Mickey's school. We'd been there that day for a function where I used my lost camera to take pictures...the whole reason I had it with me. No luck.

I really can't think of anywhere else to look, unless I've completely lost my head and stashed it somewhere in this still-unorganized house. Which could mean we don't find it until we move again. And by that time I'll be able to sell it to a museum for a lot of money.

So now I guess I'm forced to either by a new camera or learn to use The Big One properly.

Hmm, wonder which one Pete will vote for...


Anonymous said...

St. Anthony will intervene for you. Or like Jan said, it's in the house!


Anonymous said...

So sorry Christine. I was hopoing for good news for the camera. If whomever has it and sees the cute pictures of the boys, maybe they would return it to the restaurant.