Monday, August 24, 2009

The first day

Maybe by now I can write about Mickey's first day of Kindergarten without losing it. And I got The Big Camera out of its big case and put it to work (the mourning for The Little Camera continues).

In case you're needing to get to work or school and don't have time to read the rest of this post, the synopsis is that Mickey's first day of kindergarten was harder on me than it was on him. The whole family escorted him to his room where he dutifully took his place on the fun carpet with the other kids. Then we all just stared. Us at him, the other parents at their kids, him at the other kids, the other kids at him. Everyone just seemed to be waiting for some action to begin.

The only action, though, was me snapping photos. And after an awkward amount of time I finally decided to say goodbye, only when I approached Mickey and tried to call his name, I couldn't get the word out. Deep breath, deep breath, I'm thinking...please just look over here so I don't have to say anything. Finally I squeaked out something and he turned to me, which didn't help my state much.

But amidst the tears I gave him a hug and told him I loved him, and he gave me a really confused look...and then sat back down to await the action.

And then I beat it outta there with Pete and the ever-flitting-about Alex.

At the end of the day I tried not to badger him with too many questions because I could tell he was tired. On the way home he recounted a couple of details, and then, before we even got out of the parking lot: "...Mamma, when am I going golfing with Daddy?"

I'm thinking that's a sign of a multitasking brain, right?

No one was too happy about getting up and out the door so early.

A big pancake and sausage, as promised.

How old do kids get when they stop getting dressed in the living room?

Sorta looks like a mug shot, but I wasn't being picky. It looks dark outside because it was pouring down rain. Nice...

Pete said he was not nervous about Mickey's first day. But he's the one who put liquid Comet in the dishwasher that morning...

Ahhh, the new school supplies...seemed to be beckoning little hands to begin creating things.

It's as if they're saying: I'm a little unsure so I'm keeping to myself here. And waiting for some action...

...but in the meantime Alex can tackle me and loosen things up.

So here we go...Mickey's ready, I just hope I am.


Anonymous said...

5:56AM? Wow! Thanks Christine. Really cute. Just wait till he leaves for college!! Just ask your sister!! Glad all went well for you all.

Anonymous said...

I love the rug picture. Just want to go pick him up! You'll be in a routine before you know it!

Anonymous said...

If he would have been crying, you would have wanted to scoop him up and run away and never enter a public school again! rw

Anonymous said...

Christine,I love your pictures!
I hope his homework isn't to hard
for you!