Tuesday, August 11, 2009


That's the best way to describe how I'm feeling: I think I've lost my digital camera. Not my big one I just bought...no one could misplace that thing. My little point-and-shoot. I think I left it in a restaurant last Friday during lunchtime. The workers there looked once but didn't find it. I'm sick. There were a hundred or so pics on it...of the move, etc. And of the boys in our old house on the last day we were there.

I suppose it could be worse: the camera itself isn't worth a hundred dollars: it's almost five years old and it's limping along. If someone swiped it from the restaurant booth they'll be sorely disappointed in their loot. Good.

I'm almost as upset about losing the camera case it was in: a red Tamrac I've owned for probably fifteen years. It's been on every vacation, to and from the Caribbean a few times, countless kid and family events...and not a scratch or tear anywhere on it. They don't even make the model anymore.

And to finish me off...the fact that the case also contained misc. equipment that goes to my video camera. That'll be a cinch to replace.

I'm heading to the restaurant tomorrow morning to conduct my own search. And probably come home empty handed.

Sick, sick, sick...


Anonymous said...

awww man that sucks!!
my newest one the one I got for Christmas seems to have been hit by a power surge and will no longer turn on...uggh

Scribbit said...

I'm so sorry--that stinks. Maybe we can hit up the camera companies together :)

Anonymous said...

Hope it turns up and it could.That does make you sick to think you lost those pics. rw
ps glad you have the other one, I'll need someone to be taking some good pics at a special event real soon.