Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Ten reasons Wipeout should stay on the air

Have ya'll seen this show? Wipeout has to be the most fun on TV right now. I don't spend time trying to figure out show line-ups, but I'm guessing its days are numbered since summer's almost over.

But I think they should keep it around, and here's why:

1. The only show, ever, that makes my entire family laugh...genuinely.

2. Gratuitous and witty innuendo that keeps adults happy, and little kids happily clueless.

3. Muddy water. Then clear water that cleans off all the mud. I love this. Yeah, it's a little weird.

4. Fun to watch the boys fashion their own "sweeper arms" at home.

5. Host John Anderson used to be on one of our local TV stations. Nothing to do with the show, I know.

6. It's truly the only show we all watch where I don't have to worry about the boys seeing something that makes me cringe.

7. Comes on at 7:00 p.m. Still time for getting the boys to bed on time.

8. When it's on the boys say "Big Balls" a lot...more laughs for Pete and I.

...oh, shoot, I can only think of eight reasons.

Seriously, that should be enough.


Anonymous said...

we love it too!

Anonymous said...

We are fans. I can just hear the boys laughing now! Mickey has the best laugh ever.

Anonymous said...

The Webbies do laugh out loud also and Ena and I kinda met John Anderson when he worked at Channel 6 when the OK kids were on TV. He had an earring in his ear that he took out before they went on air. this was about 15 years ago. And he was all crisp and clean and had perfect hair. rw