Wednesday, September 16, 2009


As of today my house is void of toddlers.

Excuse me a minute while I collect myself.

My littlest is Four today. I capitalize the word because I feel it's least in my little mind. See, Four seems like the end of all things babyish. All things toddler-y. Pretty soon his softness will be replaced with lean, wiry limbs like his brother's. And it'll all happen overnight.

Just like his first four years.

I have one of his baby pictures on my wallpaper and Pete wandered by and asked me whose baby it was.

His OWN baby.

Think four years is a long time?

I think it isn't. Not nearly long enough...

Happy Birthday, sweet. I want to pinch those cheeks forever.


Anonymous said...

Pinch em for me! Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Brittany White said...

Christine! when you called my phone screen was broken. I just missed your call and wasn't able to call you back because of the screen. but I want to hear about this cake...

and happy birthday shoop a doop!