Monday, October 20, 2008

Overheard: cracked up by both boys in one day

Mickey and I were discussing yet another crafty thing he produced for his daddy to take to work with him:

"I want to give these to Daddy to take to work."
"Honey, Daddy doesn't really have much room for more stuff at his work..."
"Okay, well, he can just keep them here at home on That black thing."

And with Alex, today we went to a little grocery store that had prominently displayed three little signs, one for Visa, one for MasterCard, and one for Discover.

Alex points to the MasterCard sign:

"Mamma, is that dot com?"

Holy cow.

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Erin said...

Really cute anecdotes. You know, I've always wanted to enter some cute things my kids say into Parents Magazine or Reader's Digest to win money, but I've always been too lazy. Maybe you should try!