Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's Thursday. And that's about it.

Update: I almost forgot! I'm posting over here today.

My goodness! I don't have much to say today but I really need to get that bathtub post further down on the's too disgusting to see on a daily basis. And the tub itself is still disgusting, by the way. Maybe this weekend I'll get to it. Maybe.

So since there's not much else going on here, I will relegate my content to the weather. Last night the temps here in Tulsa dipped down to...well I don't know exactly but it was a chilly 68 degrees in my house this morning. So for the first time this season I dressed the boys in jeans and long-sleeved shirts. And I guess Alex doesn't remember what long sleeves feel like: he kept stretching his arms out like he was trying to get them to scoot up his wrists.

And since the leaves are creeping ever closer to being in full fall bloom, I'm also keeping my camera charged and ready to photograph the boys outdoors; just maybe I'll get a keeper for Christmas cards. There's a park about five minutes from my house that every photographer in town is closely monitoring right now. The very day the leaves get to their peak vibrance, the squirrels will have to move aside for the onslaught of photography sessions. I heard once that the park is so much in demand for commercial photographers that some sort of permit is required to shoot there. Let's hope that doesn't apply to me and my point-and-shoot Canon.

We are also one day from the one-year anniversary of Alex's unplanned dip in a fish pond. Back then I thought, wait till next year. Next year I won't have to worry so much about him running off. He'll listen and he'll stick by me and he'll come when I call him.

(sigh) Maybe next year.


Erin said...

Let's see if this works...

Erin said...

Okay, I have tried to leave comments two different times, and it wouldn't let me. So now that I know it will work:

How about I come over and clean your tub, and you come over here and vacuum my house (I hate vacuuming!).

I can't wait to see autumn pictures!