Monday, August 13, 2007

PGA Recap (and no "Tiger" puns!)

Pete and I were lucky enough to attend the PGA Championship held this weekend in Tulsa. If you have been living under a rock for the past week or so, it was the final Major of the season and a big deal for Tiger Woods. He did not disappoint (also news to you rock-dwellers).

We got to go on Wednesday and Saturday, the former being autographs-and-pictures day. The latter, well, if you got caught even WISHING you had your camera, you'd have been whisked away in shackles.

Below are some shots I got before my camera started to melt. I took tons more, but suffice it to say most of them look like pictures of kelly green carpet.

The tent area for corporate types who are too wimpy to endure the 100+ temperatures. Not really tents, more like gigantic cocoons. Air conditioned. And since mostly men frequented these tents, it was about 55 degrees inside. Ahhhhhh...

Number 12 green, supposedly Southern Hills' signature hole.

Number 18 fairway. Has to be the most photographed hole on the course. Breathtaking.

Padraig Harrington during the practice session, teeing off at Number 8. See the guy hunched over on the far right? See Padraig's ball at the tip of the guy's foot? See Padraig's head still in the "down" position? I know zilch about a golf swing, but I think that's a good thing.

Padraig posing just for my shot. Or glancing up and I got lucky. Really. Really. Lucky.


Anonymous said...

Quality pics. Showed them to my boss, he enjoyed showing me where he sat at the 12th hole.


Anonymous said...

Max and Husband went on Tuesday and Sunday. Max got a TON of autographs. It was hot, but they had a great time!

I went to some golf thing at the same course when we moved here in 93. Can I just say I wasn't disappointed I didn't "get" to go this time? :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Honey, (Mom can call you that)
Enjoy your blogs so much! Good job, and I hear more about my grandsons than when I am talking to you. Right on!!!Mamma

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Doug watched the whole thing on TV and I scanned the crowd when I could to look for anybody I knew!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Chili as far as interest in golf goes ... but I do have some cute polo shirts which I think are technically ladies'golf fashions.


Cynthia said...

Great pics!