Friday, August 31, 2007

It's the Little Things

Good stuff in a big way is great: getting a new car, moving to a new home, getting a new kitchen... But sometimes the little things are special, too (and great blog filler).

This week two Little Things brightened my life: graham crackers and a trash can.

Have you seen these little gems? They're just plain ol' graham crackers by Honey Maid. What makes them a really wonderful Little Thing is that they are exactly square and packaged like saltine crackers: in a long stack. Now I can seal them up with a twist-tie! No more fumbling with a half-consumed rectangular package with torn up cellophane, trying to stuff it back into the box. I looked on the Nabisco web site and saw "limited edition" in the description. I should go buy a case. (Another bonus: they cost the same as the cello-mess ones.)

The second Little Thing is our new trash can. It's a city-supplied outdoor behemoth with wheels and, brace yourself, an ATTACHED LID. Our neighborhood is changing to once-weekly trash pick-up and our city has supplied us these large cans in place of our own. It is brand-spankin' new. It's so cool I thought about putting Mickey and Alex in it for a ride before I contaminated it with our trash. I love it because it takes up less space in our garage and I can lift the lid with one finger...and did I tell you it is brand-spankin' new? Oh, and it has a thingy on the front that will be lifted by the truck. No grubby trashman hands will be touching it. Little did they realize how much this can would appeal to we germophobes in the city.

So there ya go. What Little Things have graced your life this week?

P.S. Lest you are thinking "wow, doesn't she have anything better to do..." take note of the fact that I did not take time to photograph these Little Things. I do have time to be lazy, thankyouverymuch.

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Anonymous said...

Love the trash can pre-trash. Amazing how much joy that can bring.