Thursday, August 23, 2007

Shut. UP. I had a "favorite find"?

I posted earlier about my tip for consigning kids' items in the Just Between Friends sale. The franchise owners where I take my stuff (in Tulsa) have put up a blog and asked shoppers to send a note and pics about their favorite finds at the sale.

Yep. Guess whose diaper bag was in the first submission!

Just so you know what an honor this woman has unknowingly bestowed upon me, there are thousands and thousands of items sold at this sale. I submitted 98 of them. The chances that my diaper bag would turn up on this blog are almost as slim as winning the lottery (which is currently up to $300 mil. Methinks I need to run an errand to Quik Trip tomorrow).

Anyway, I will make about $4 on that "favorite find." Which may not seem like a lot, except when you consider it was given to me by a friend. Who I hope does not read my blog.

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