Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"Way to go, Mickey!"

I wish I had a poignant story to tell about our first day of Mother's Day Out today, and have you laughing and crying and awwwww-ing. Truth is, I got nothin'. Totally uneventful.

The boys did fine on their first day back (we took the summer off). Alex's class takes a nap, which was my biggest worry. He's one of the youngest in the class and still likes his crib at home very much. I wasn't sure how he'd do if he were faced with a napmat and a blanket and a roomful of other very experienced napmat-sleepers. His teacher said he was the last to fall asleep (big surprise) but there were no tears and he did sleep an hour.

Mickey didn't have much to say about his new teacher or room. ("Yes, I ate my lunch. Tatum had orange juice.") He seemed happy to see me go and happy to see me pick him up. In my book, a successful first day for him. I expect the stories to flow freely once he gets a little more acclimated to his new teachers.

I did have to peek inside Mickey's room from last year: Ms. M. She was hunched over one of her students, showing concern as she always had to my son, and had to smile to myself a bit. She was getting a whole new group of "recruits," some of whom she'd have the honor of helping to potty train. I thought of Mayo in Officer and a Gentleman, as he was riding off on his motorcycle to get Debra Winger (and scoop her up in possibly the best movie ending in the world) and seeing Lou Gossett badger the latest crop of wanna-be's:

"...there's only two things that come out of Midtown, Bobby. Babies and little boys. Well, which one are you!?"

(But she wasn't barking at this child at all...I'm sure she was using some perfect phrase to make that child feel at ease.)

So I continued past her room and out of the building to begin my five hours of free time. In case you're interested, I spent it lunching with Pete, shopping, and joining a gym. Three things I've needed to do for a long time...

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