Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"Hot" just doesn't do it justice

In my little city in Oklahoma, right this minute, at 2:48 Central Time, it is hotter than Death Valley. You know, the place in California the weather guys always reference when it comes to hot temperatures. Like International Falls, Minnesota in winter: no one ever goes there and no one you know lives there, but by golly everyone's interested in how cold it is there.

Now, you might have already gone to weather.com and checked the temps in Death Valley. If not, I'll save you the frowning face. Read on for an explanation:

Temp in My City, Oklahoma: 105
"Heat Index": 107

Temp in Death Valley, Californai: 109
"Heat Index": 103

So technically it feels hotter out on my front porch than in Death Valley. For some reason think I should write this on my calendar.

Oh, and the current temp in International Falls? 74. And the weather guys up there have never heard of "heat index."

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Anonymous said...

That made me laugh, "everyone's interested in how cold it is there". That's so true.