Monday, August 27, 2007

Personal: To my mom on her 75th birthday

Happy Birthday to my mom, who is 75 today. She's an amazing woman, I guess a lot of people think that about their moms. But mine really is the definition. And she's not shy about her age...she's proud of it. If she weren't 75, she'd have fewer family members and fewer memories. And she cherishes all of them.

We celebrated over the weekend with a family reunion of sorts. Lots of fun and visiting and oh, my...the places my boys can find to wander in a hotel are endless. But we got home safely with both exhausted boys.

So mom, live it up today. Or take a nap like me...


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your mom really is an awesome mom. She's so great.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that was a fun weekend.

Notes to self for next year: Start training for the arm wrestling contest now and get your son #2 his very own elevator.

Christine, you did a fantastic job planning the weekend. We all appreciated it!