Monday, August 20, 2007

Things I fear

Updated: Budget Travel's blog gets updated a bazillion times a day, so the video I wanted you to see is somewhere not on the blog. I devoted an adequate amount of time searching for it (15 seconds) and came up empty-handed. Sorry.

To describe the scene, which isn't nearly as much fun as seeing the video, it was a jam-packed wave pool at a water park in Japan. So many people were in the pool as its artificial waves began that you could not even see the water. Looked almost like those horrible tsunami videos. Only these people weren't screaming for their lives and clinging to debris.

Going off a bridge in my car.

An airplane crash.

Suffocation of any kind.

And this. Scroll down to the video of the wave pool.

Thanks, Budget Travel. I most assuredly will not sleep tonight.


Rocks In My Dryer said...

No. Way.

Anonymous said...


All of those are from hell.

Brittany White said...

hello....guess who is blogging again (or for the first time if you didn't know)? it's your wonderful, fully grown, professional from new york! i'll read your blog if you read mine =) just kidding, i already read your blog.