Sunday, August 05, 2007

Knock, knock. Who's there? Nobody...

Folks, the well has run dry once again. I didn't realize when I started this blog that I'd have to come up with stuff every day. I know, I know...there are no rules in bloggityville. I don't have to post daily if I don't want to. But the thing is, you might visit knock on my door and if I don't answer then you're gonna walk away and never come back. The horror!

I've got some irons in the fire, though, and they are keeping me hopping. I'll blog about them at a future date when the dust has settled in a few weeks.

I've also begun the countdown to when Alex and Mickey start Mother's Day Out. Then I'll have some quality time to blog. Or sleep. Or do my nails. Or nothing. I love my boys more than I ever imagined...and I love them having organized play time with other kids. Twice a week for five hours.

So don't stop knockin'; I may answer with some real content someday.


Anonymous said...

We all know how you feel! There's not a single blogger who hasn't had the same issues. :)

I have to apologize for not commenting lately. I've been mostly out of town for the past three weeks. But I'm enjoying getting caught up.

Anonymous said...

We know you're busy, Christine, but still like to read whatever you have time to write. Thanks for keeping it up!


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about this reader...I have you on my RSS, so I get a nifty reminder to let me know when there's a new post.

Theo starts school full-time in two weeks, so let's have coffee on your Mother's Day Out.