Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tee-d up

Tonight was Mickey's first tee-ball game. I feel like I played the thing myself...or maybe I just smell like it. My job(s):

Take pictures, cheer him on, keep Alex from throwing balls on the field, meet a parent (and promptly forget her name), sign a sheet to bring snacks next, um, sometime, feed Alex candy, then crackers, then help him wash it down with water, take more pictures, play catch with Alex, call Pete who's in Chicago to give him an update, fish orange Tootsie pop out of the dirt and convince Alex it's no longer good, call seasoned sports mom sister for tips on how to get through the next twelve years of this...

...and possibly realize the evening wasn't about me. Drat.

Mickey did have a great time, in spite of his learning curve:

"Mom, is there going to be another team there?"
"Can I have my snack?" (After each inning...)
"Am I going to be catching or hitting tonight?"

"Is there a door to go down to the field?" (Yes, honey, in about 20 years.)

Notice the focus...not even distracted by the little girl with the pink glove.

(Alex! Stop distracting the players!)

Every batter looked like a Bobble Head of himself.

I'm sure this guy was imparting tee-ball wisdom unto my little boy. Or maybe just "...hit the ball, kid, so we can all go home..."

...my son obliged.

...and made it home.


Anonymous said...

So cute I can't even stand it.

Anonymous said...

I love that second picture! And it's cool that this post matches your blog background so well.

Anonymous said...

Thank you proud sports Mamma!!!
The first of many games of every kind, I am sure.

Anonymous said...

Really cute, know D hated to miss it, but will be many more! rw