Thursday, June 11, 2009


As of July 27, we'll be leaving this house.

And going where? We have no idea yet.

That crystal ball thing...that would be worth a lot to me right now.


Owlhaven said...

Hey Christine, I don't know you exact circumstances, but my sis and her husband have been house (rental) looking for months, since their current rental is being foreclosed on. Just last week they found a wonderful house, and just today my husband and sons spent the day helping them move in. All that worry, and God came through for them. I am sure that whatever your circumstances, He has good plans for you too!



Tracy said...

Holy cow, you sold it already?! That's amazing! Congrats and best of luck in finding your new house, what a whirlwind but very exciting for your fam!

Anonymous said...

That was very fast! I'm excited to see where you go next. Wish i was there to go look at houses with you, I love doing that.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Aren't you glad you don't need to keep the house spotless anymore? P.S. Move souther

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Christine! Can't wait to hear where you all land.