Friday, June 05, 2009

Right now.

Right now both boys are sleeping. Right now it's 3:00 in the afternoon.

Both of them napping has not happened since...wait, when did it happen last? Amazing how those memories fade so quickly.

I don't want this to fade. I want to remember their little sleeping faces. I want to remember when this homemade blanket was Alex's favorite, and that Mickey loved that soft Ty puppy dog.

I know when they grow up they won't be soft and snuggly anymore. Their soft hands will grow calloused from play and their feet will all of a sudden smell. I'm going to wonder pretty soon if I'm giving them enough independence, if they still want to be tucked into bed...if they get embarrassed when I ask for a kiss goodbye at school.

I know all that is going to transpire, like an inevitable wave over my life. I know it. And when it does they'll be little people I love even more than I do now. And they'll still be making me laugh and cry. Their little kid personalities will develop them into big kids, and I'll love them then, too.

But I just want to savor this, for right now.

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Anonymous said...'s wierd but when they are asleep it seems like they are a lot younger, k does. and cuddly. rw