Monday, June 22, 2009

May a rock come flying through our window

If I talk to one more neighbor about our move I'm going to scream. Since our house sold and the "sale pending" sign now graces our lawn, you would think we were deserting the friendliest and most considerate cluster of people on Earth.

It's possible, however, that we are.

At church Sunday, I guess word has gotten out and some people are talking about our move instead of Fr. Jack's sermon...sorry FJ. Since we're only two houses down from the church parking lot, I guess people can't help but notice. A couple of concerned souls live in the neighborhood and they did nothing but gush about how badly they don't want us to leave. This, added to the fact that there's a house for sale in the neighborhood that very nearly suits us but we're still discerning it, and the other fact that we visited several very good possibilities over the weekend but nothing seems just the perfect fit...add a very kind woman's words about how much she loves midtown, our church, this neighborhood...'s enough to cause a bit of overwhelm in my head. And it did. And the tears came. In the middle of the parish hall during coffee and donuts. The poor woman, whose name I don't even know, politely asked if this was a bad time for me. "Um," I told her between sobs, "I'm fine."

I just thought the decision would be a lot when I bought MY first house without even looking at any others, and how I felt when I said "I do" to Pete. (After all, as much time as I'll be spending in our new abode, it's nearly as monumental as choosing my husband. Seriously!)

So I collected myself and the poor woman gave me a very warm hug, and I was fine. And all that occurred pretty much under Pete's nose but he was oblivious thank goodness, as he was gathering napkins and drinks for the boys.

I just really love this neighborhood, which is why it's taken us about two years to make the move to move. I had no idea, however, just how hard it would be. Other than the fact that we need a little more room and a backyard, we've been incredibly happy here.

Actually it would be easier if there was something that we didn't like about the neighborhood, like Pete's truck getting vandalized or a stray bullet grazing our mailbox. Then, my goodness, my difficult decision would become very easy, no?!

So if you have any grievances against the's the time to take your revenge. And put my mind at ease.


Anonymous said...

Ah, Christine. I felt that way when we left that house we redid from top to bottom. The only place we ever left that made me cry and you know how many times we've moved. The good thing is, there are good things ahead. There always is.


Anonymous said...

I'm buying a carton of eggs now....well I actually shed a tear when we left our last house even though it had almost driven me insane, even after Victor built the closet in the bedroom. I guess it was the carpet in the kitchen. rw

Christine said...

oh, my RW, I know...that first house of yours was small; I know we have a lot to be thankful for here!

Carpet in the And let's not forget the washer and dryer in the bathroom. Lather, rinse, add a dryer sheet...