Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why the BlogHer Conference?

What in the heck is BlogHer?

You know those advertisements on the right-hand side of this text? Those are called "BlogHer ads," and they are the product of BlogHer, which is an organization for women who blog. They realized that there are a friggin' lot of women who blog and even more who read our blogs, which equates to untapped (until now) advertising revenue. Now I'm going to try to refrain from using "blog" anymore in this post since it's losing its punch.

What is the BlogHer Conference and why are you leaving your family for four days to go?

Check out the conference site here. They expect around 1000 attendees, not all mommy bloggers like me, of course. I'm going to the conference to find out more about the career of blogging and figure out if this is really something I want to dive into more enthusiastically. You may have noticed that I don't really have a plan for what I write and that's because I don't make writing a priority and that's because I really just do it for myself and not as if it's some kind of job. But it could be. And I'm going to seek out some inspiration to that end this weekend.

Where are you staying?

We'll be at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco. Supposed to be in a great location with great shopping. Not that I'll have time to do that. I'll be rooming with Melanie and Shannon and Mary. These ladies are rockstars at what they do and I feel a little like the little sister trying to tag along with her teenage sisters. Or I could just be having flashbacks...

How long will you be gone?

Leaving Thursday, coming back Sunday.

What is Pete doing with the kids?

That is between him and the kids. And McDonald's. And grandparents. And aunts with trampolines. All I know is that he very graciously encouraged me to go. But I believe that was before I told him it was out of town. And overnight.

What are you wearing?

Huh? It has been many years since I have had to dress for a conference. Pete said I should dress business-casual but my business-casual these days is what most people wear to the grocery store. At 10:00 on Sunday night. And the weather in San Francisco?! Mid-60s! I don't even know what that means in July.

Will you blog while you're there?

Who knows. I'm not taking a computer but if I can pillage someone else's then maybe. But don't count on it. Count on the inconsistency of this blog you've come to know and love.


Anonymous said...

This sounds cool! Especially since it correlates a bit with what you used to do. Will be interested to hear what you learn!

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Can't WAIT to hear how it was!! Maybe, we can swing by and check on Pete's sanity for ya...

Anonymous said...

You're so lucky! I had to choose between Pampers and BlogHer. Since Pampers was a free trip, I went with that one. I'm looking forward to going next year. Have fun!

owlhaven said...

Looking forward to meeting you!!