Monday, July 07, 2008

Nightmares are a small price to pay for security

You may remember my almost-three-year-old Alex has a thing about fleeing from the safety of my side, not once, but two terrifying times.

Since we have a trip to Six Flags planned in a few weeks, I told Pete I'm not stepping foot out the door without something to keep him from helping himself to an escalator or a log ride.

So today I found this at Target:

He had the choice (as if that's going to help him love being on a leash) of a puppy or a monkey and he chose the monkey. I hate monkeys, ever since I was in high school and one of my friends let me watch a very graphic real-life movie. I will spare you the details but in the video there was a monkey who met a rather morose demise by way of hammer. Every time I see a monkey I think of that horrible scene and how that my friend's parents were losers because I had nightmares for a long time after that.

Anyway, he chose the monkey and now I get to have nightmares some more in order to keep him safe.

(tap, tap, tap....ewwwww!)


~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

I can't WAIT to share this story with Boy Child. He loves to share/ask/ponder the fact we kept him on a leash for the first four years of his life! He'll be asking if he can come over and take Alex for a walk...

Anonymous said...

I know what movie you're talking about...RJL

Anonymous said...

The monkey makes Grandma feel better!! Pretty cute.

Also the cookies are beautiful and were delicious although I only had one.


Anonymous said...

We were at 6 Flags on Monday and I saw one of these with a child in it. It will definitely help!

Shan said...

Bah ha ha...I saw that movie too :D. It didn't scare me away from monkeys but it is still a vivid image in my head unfortunately.

I HAVE been scared of seafood ever since I saw the double feature ORCA and TENTACLES at the drive in way back when though. It's a real shame because now I can't even eat tunafish without crying.

Glad you are keeping your own monkeys safe. No fears of the dreadful skull tapping while attached to you. BAH! Yuck.