Thursday, July 31, 2008

Traveling with two toddlers to Texas

All-righty! Saturday's departure day for The Home Team's vacation. The agenda: drive from Tulsa to Oklahoma City and catch the Amtrak train to Ft. Worth, Texas. That's right. TRAIN. As in, no one I've told about this trip has ever taken it. Makes me slightly nervous but I'm thinking the boys (who this trip is really for, not their very much a kid-at-heart father who seems to just smile to himself every time he utters the word "Amtrak," no sir, it's for our precious boys) will get a big kick out of it.

The train ride itself is about four hours long. Four hours with two boys not in carseats. Freeee to roam about, and get into trouble, and get bored.

So my question for you is this: what tips for traveling with littles can you offer? (Pretend we're doing what the rest of the world does and flies or drives to their destination.) I already have goody bags for them to parse out along the way, and one of my savvy mom friends suggested a roll of masking tape for each of them. I can see them taping Pete and I to our seats and really running amuck, but I think it's still a good idea.

Okay, lemme have 'em: your best tried and true tips for traveling with little kids!

(As for the rest of our journey: we're going to Six Flags and a Rangers/Yankees baseball game, and also visiting some family. Any tips for getting through all that without tears on anyone's part are also appreciated.)


owlhaven said...

Christine, this link shares some ideas at the end....

Good luck-- I'm sure you'll do great!!!


owlhaven said...

How about this?


Anonymous said...

Snacks....get a bunch of the cherrios snacks mix or the chex snacks mix, Teddy grahams makes a snack mix now....stuff they don't normally eat so it's new!

Also a cheap spiral notebook full of paper and a box of crayons ...for each kid. That way they have tons of paper, and it isn't everywhere.

Both of those keep my kids busy on the 4 hr drive to the inlaws.

Kim said...

Sorry I'm late on giveing tips...but picked one hot week to visit here! I'm in the DFW area and this is the hottest we have been all summer. Hope that you don't melt.