Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Things I learned this week, and it's only Tuesday

1. My oldest boy can hurl a (clean) diaper so that it softly comes to rest on a ceiling fan blade.

2. I looked down at my lunch plate today and everything on it was a shade of white. For the third time this week (did I mention it's only Tuesday?).

3. "Do we need to take the duct tape on vacation?" is something I never thought I'd utter as a parent. *

4. The best time to take my kids to Big Water Park is two hours before they close. The crowds are thin so if one of them goes on a joy-walk I can find him more easily.

5. Summer always makes me think of my all-time favorite words to ever come out of my mother's mouth when I was a kid: "...well go get your bathing suit on and let's go..."

6. A short 25 years ago next month I was getting ready to start my senior year. In high school. Don't know why I'm thinking about that right now; maybe because I feel so friggin' old.

7. My soldier brother-in-law is on leave from Iraq until mid-August and I'm not going to see him. Because he's coming to Oklahoma, where I live, and I'm going to Texas, where he lives. On the same weekend.

8. All I'm sayin' is I better win something at Bloggy Giveaways. Get over there and fritter away a few minutes entering contests; there's some really good stuff out there!

9. I agonized for two hours while watching Step Brothers and watching Pete laugh throughout it. I did NOT agonize when I saw the ticket taker turn away a sixteen-year-old because she wasn't old enough to see it without a parent. Then I agonized some more when I heard the tiny voice of a four-year-old in the theater. With her parents.

10. Miscellaneous posts like this one are what you do when you don't have the concentration to actually link sentences together into a real paragraph. They're also good when Alex is asleep and Mickey's hounding me for something to play with, except not a toy for heaven's sake.

* For taping Alex's mouth, uh, diaper up at night.


Anonymous said...

I love #5! Memories.

Jan Ross said...

At least it wasn't a dirty diaper. With the fan on. That could have generated an entire blog post by itself.

Anonymous said...

I miss Mr. Cooper! Hope his summer has been great! Are you teaching in the fall?!

Kristie said...

Texas is a great place. I'm just sayin'. ;-)

Unknown said...

omgosh #3 had me rollin...and I hope you & I both win something from the bloggy give-aways #8 LOVED your post!

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

You are so delightfully stinkin' HILARIOUS!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Enjoy!!