Tuesday, July 22, 2008

BlogHer '08: ...and perfectionism will keep you from posting

Since I got back from BlogHer '08 two days ago I've been mulling over what to post about it, to say the least. There's so many snippets and stories that are so memorable to me but maybe my readers could do without those. I decided today to stop mulling and just provide you with something useful on my blog for once. So here's a brief recap of my experience at BlogHer '08, and I also encourage you once again to visit Blogging Basics 101 for more info.

Day One

FAQs for Beginning Bloggers: Excellent session! Visit Wannabe Hippie for what was a live blog from the session and Webgrrls International for a list of resources.

MommyBlogging: Public Parenting and Privacy: Really interesting, open discussion with four panelists. Live blog is at It's My Life. This one made me second-guess my decision to post the boys' photos out here.

Writing Workshop: The live blog is at Abigail Schilling, but I found Contentious, who led the workshop, had more detailed info.

Day Two

Building Traffic via Content and Community: Here's where I sat in wonderment (on the floor because it was so crowded) at the information provided by Elise Bauer at Simply Recipes. SR is one of the most-read recipe blogs on the planet and this woman seems to know what she's doing. She admitted this presentation is a couple of years old; to me, that means its info is tried and true. Semi-Charmed Wife has the live blog.

Photography: Another session where I felt very lucky to be hearing the speaker. Me Ra Koh has truly put her mark on the online photography world, and amazingly she only started taking pictures seriously six years ago. The live blog is at It's My Life and be sure to visit Me Ra as well.

Third session: Nothing. I was overwhelmed so I went to the spa and got a wax.

(You can get recaps and live blogs for all the sessions at the BlogHer site.)

BlogHer '08 was truly a unique experience and I would love to go again next year. If Pete can survive the boys this year then next year they should be even easier, right? Right?

(Pete does want it to go on record that he did housework while I was gone. And there were no injuries. At least nothing that won't heal in a few days...)


Anonymous said...

Looks like we were at a lot of the same sessions. And yeah, at one point I just bailed out and sat in the internet cafe, trying to recover. So much to take in!

Jessica R. said...

Thanks for linking back to me! Apparently we were all at the same sessions!

Anonymous said...

Hi! A high five to you for getting it together and posting about the conference. I still haven't done it (but blame this pesky fun family vaca stuff...). And your previous post about feeling completely insecure... um... yup. Gotcha there too. It was so great to meet you!

Anonymous said...

I too had to bail on a session--the community keynote--to regroup. And get my nails done! It was worth it. I was so overwhelmed by all the great info at that point. So nice meeting you at BlogHer. Look forward to reading more of your adventures.

Abigail said...

Thanks for the link love! Just wanted to let you know that my live blog covered everything discussed in the session, where as her site covered her notes that she had prepared before. The audience voted to just do a Q&A since she had already put so much on her site.

Anonymous said...

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