Wednesday, May 21, 2008

That's why they call it a snapshot, huh.

I took this picture of Alex and his butterfly puzzle the other day (thank you Aunt M!). At first glance I thought the picture wasn't really that special.

Then I think of how little Alex pays attention to me when I'm asking him to be still for a picture. He just looks at me like I'm speaking Chinese and goes about his business.

I guess that's why pictures like this mean a lot to me, if no one else, because I can remember how fleeting the image was. I, I can't believe I got that shot in spite of Alex's squirminess and the (frustrating-to-the-point-of-wanting-to-hurl-it-into-the-street) delay on my point-and-shoot camera. And I didn't even ask him to put that puzzle up to his face and make sure he could see me so I could see his eyes.

Now I'd love to have some swirly ending to tie this post up, but it's escaping me right now. So settle for this please:


Anonymous said...

Oh, that's adorable! I have a framed picture of JT when he was about 3. He's running so the picture is a blur, but it captures that age perfectly.

Keep taking pictures.

Aunt M

Milk Mama said...

She is beautiful!!! Love the shot! ;)

Christine said...

Um, maybe it IS time for a haircut.

Anonymous said...

He LOVES that butterfly puzzle!