Thursday, May 22, 2008

What's in my car?

Shannon over at Rocks in My Dryer confessed to this inventory of items her husband recently found when cleaning out their car. She's asking the rest of us to chime in with our lists, I think to find extra things to add to hers (really, Shannon, I believe you have enough stuff!)

So here's my list. No need for soft music or a pillow:

sticker saying "I helped Firefighters help Jerry's Kids"

15 CDs

slippers (never know when I might need to run into Safeway)

bath towel

paper sack full of giveaway shoes


OSU blanket

3 flash cards

picture of father-in-law taken in 1955

2 yogurt bars, some pretzels, animal crackers in a baggie

diaper bag

sippy cup

box of Kleenexes

carseat manual

dashboard card from Edgewater Beach Resort where we vacationed in 2004

small basketball

4 pairs of sunglasses

dinosaur craft made with toothpicks, popcorn kernels, and popsicle sticks

sucker stick

3 cupholders for carseats (never been attached, also peculiar since I only have two carseats)

2 Happy Meal toys

Hey!! Wake-up!! Your boss can see your sleeping reflection in your computer!!

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