Monday, May 05, 2008

It gets that way late in the day

Is it just me or do most moms look at their kids sometimes and wonder why they do what they do?

Right now they are playing catch with twelve of these in an unopened package (up and down the stairs).

I really wonder how long it'll be before my downstairs looks like a car full of teenagers attacked it.


Beth Wright (P31 OBS Team Member) said...

that is hilarious! Don't ya just love how inventive they can be!!!

Anonymous said...

I know what to get them for Christmas now.

Anonymous said...

Don't everyone's kids do that? If we had stairs that is. Mine like to build forts with them as soon as I get home with the bag of them. They rip it open, play a few rounds of catch, then build forts and walls and pyramids. Maybe one day they'll become architects...maybe.