Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The "I got nothin" post

Not much in the creative department, I can tell you that. Right now I'm listening to some clothes tossing around in the dryer and wondering when they will jump out and hang themselves up. It's the last hour before I have to get the boys from MDO and I usually try to cram a lot of to-do's in there. Such as blather on my blog.

Blog blathering. Bloggering?

You may have read about seven people dying in a ginormous tornado last Saturday in Picher, Oklahoma. Way in the northeast part of the state. This has made the weather forecasters on TV and radio skittish about this afternoon's upcoming storms in our area. They're already planning for some "big ol' tornados" as one meterologist put it, so we Okies could understand, I guess. So if you're planning on watching Kristi Yamaguchi jump up and down because she's blown away another (why-am-I-even-here) competitor on DWTS...don't.

Oh, those dang clothes. I really gotta teach them a thing or two.


Anonymous said...

You could blog about the newly-elected 19 year-old mayor of Muskogee, OK, or, as they say on CNN, Muskeegee.

Anonymous said...

I met the mayor before he was elected. He was in diapers.