Friday, May 09, 2008

Danica Patrick sends crewman to the hospital...

...and all he gets is "'s unfortunate what happened today..."

Yeah, it's unfortunate the car with the wheels connected to the steering wheel being gripped by YOU could not make the decision not to hit that guy.

Really more unfortunate, Danica, is that you could not muster even an "I feel bad for what I did..."

Or a meeting with your publicist before the interview?! Yikes...that guy's gonna have some clean-up to do.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should do your research and find out how this actually happened. He was where he shouldn't have been, and stepped in front of her car. At least that's the story from folks who were actually there.

Christine said...

(I thought I might get a comment like that.)

I don't care if the guy was in the wrong place. She should have realized her comment would sound like she didn't have any compassion.

Anonymous said...

I agree Christine...even if he was in the wrong place she could have said something that didn't sound like it was scripted by a lawyer (It's unfortunate what happened today...). It seems like she might not what to say "I'm sorry" for fear of being sued (appearing to admit fault). But she could have just said "I'm sorry this happened."