Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The holidays are over...time for a vacation!

You'd think we'd be fine for a while not doing anything after the holidays. But nooooo, a mere three weeks after New Year's, the Home Team had to get away for the three-day MLK weekend.

We ventured south to Texas and stayed one night at the new and shiny Great Wolf Lodge near Dallas and two nights at my sister's home. Now my sister is the ultimate hostess and we had much fun at a birthday party for her daughter, but the Great Wolf, oh, my...that's the place to go if you need indoor runnin' room for your chillun's.

Despite at least one attempt by Pete to send Alex (THE TWO-YEAR-OLD) down a three-story high waterslide, it was a stress-free stay and well worth not-so-cheap room rate. And to make up for that, we used the in-room microwave and fridge for some meal prep and the boys ate comfortably at a nice table and chairs.

The weirdest thing about staying there was getting over the thought of wearing a bathing suit. In winter. In public. I had a couple of days to self-medic...uh, self-tan and at 11 p.m. on the night before we left I got a coat of paint on my toes. Good to go!

The boys were oblivious to this fact; they were thrilled to put on their swim trunks. And I broke down and bought them a pair of moc-Crocs at Target pre-trip. I never really liked the looks of these on boys but they are great! The boys love them and omigosh even Alex can almost put them on by himself!

Speaking of...guess I better go get them from MDO...byeee!


Beth Wright (P31 OBS Team Member) said...

Good to have you back!~ That lodge sounds so cool! Oh and I hear ya on the winter swimsuit wearin'. Last year this time we went to St. John's. I believe the sand was darker than I was! LOL

Anonymous said...

Cool!!!!! Thanks for the family vaction idea. We're big fans of indoor water parks.