Saturday, January 26, 2008

New discovery at Quizno', please.

...and so I'm waiting for our food at the register and the boys are sitting at a table and I look over and nearly screamed ala Monica Geller: they had discovered that some people dispose of their chewing gum on the underside of a table.

And this chewing gum was still fresh and they were pulling it like a two-man taffy machine.

I tried not to mow over any patrons on my way to the bathroom with them to wash their hands.


Jan Ross said...

Hey! At least they weren't chewing it!

Anonymous said...

This restaurant must be across the street from a junior high school? I remember at one school I went to, the penalty for chewing gum in class was to remove used wads from under desks.


Anonymous said...

My son made the same discovery at the high school I used to work at. Only he discovered used chewing gum in a locker and did start chewing it. He also licked the salt off a slug I was killing on our sidewalk once. I could also really cross the line and tell you about a certain item he pulled out of the garbage can and proceeded to put in his mouth, but I don't want to get flagged.

I think I'll stay anonymous this time.

Christine said...