Tuesday, January 08, 2008

What I learned this week (or sometime in the recent past)

1. My oldest boy can make steam come out of my ears at lightening speed. Tonight's example:

Mickey, pick up the benders before we eat dinner.

Wellll, Alex did that.

Well, I want them picked up.

Weeeelll then you do it.

2. This year I will be the same age as Elvis when he died. I don't know why but this is scary to me.

3. Someone truly needs to admit publicly that they, too, think Jennifer Love Hewitt should lose a few pounds. No one for the taking? Okay, then let it be me! Peoples, she is not obese by any stretch, but puh-leese! Should she lose a few and tone, tone, tone? Who amongst us disagrees with that?! Everyone's afraid to say anything, though, since JLH is too cute for words and built wonderfully everywhere else. But not me and my blog...we say what everyone else is afraid to say. Within reason. And G-rated.

4. I'm ever so slightly sad to see college football come to an end. I also think Britney should get to keep her kids.

5. The other day I rocked both boys in Pete's grandma's spindle-backed rocker. The three of us push this poor rocker to its very limits; soon they will be too big for that. Biiiigggg siggghhhh...


Jan Ross said...

No...I would never say someone needs to lose weight who weighs quite a bit less than me. And, since I could use some serious toning up, I can't say anything about that either. I admire your courage, though.

Anonymous said...

In Mickey's defense: When I babysat the other night, it was HIS idea to pick up the toys before bed - I didn't even have to mention it first. I forgot to tell you that.