Wednesday, June 13, 2007

WFMW: New, easy storage!

Use a shoe organizer in your coat closet for storage.

I bought a shoe organizer (Target, $12.99) to use for storing much more than shoes in my downstairs closet. When I need to get out the door, even a minute to get up and down the stairs can be hard to come by. So this handy tool makes it so easy to grab shoes, hats, Little Swimmers, even sunglasses and sunscreen. I keep a couple of pairs of flip-flops in there for myself, and I've even allowed hubs a little real estate for his stuff.

Check it out:

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Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

I so want to do this but the folks who lived here before us took the door off the coat closet and put in one of those icky slider, collapsing, plastic door thingies!LOL

Maybe I can use this idea in another room...hmmmmm

Karen said...

Great tip! I have two of these in my house. One hangs on the door to my basement and it The other hangs in my girls' room and it holds a little bit of everything: shoes, socks, stuffed animals, belts, small toys, etc.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet I could do that in PAS's room, good idea!

MLS (RJL has changed me. I'm picking up tips all over the place!)

Jodi Jean said...

we used one of those in college in our bathroom and everyone of us girls (there were four of us) had a row, they are sooo great for organizing.

Alexandra said...

That is a great idea. We did the same only we used the cubbyhole style ones. It really does helps with clutter.

Anonymous said...

So clever! Thx