Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Vacation in Our Town: Day 2 of 5

Oh, my. If it doesn't stop raining I'm going to scream. In our city it has rained every day since May (sic). Last year we were so dry here that people who threw cigarettes out their windows were viewed with as much disgust as child predators. Now, even the ducks are looking for higher ground...
Today's vacation definitely included events that do not happen often. I can't remember the last time I shopped at the gigantic mall in our city WITHOUT MY KIDS.

Husband very graciously and happily and with a skip in his step...OK, maybe I slightly exaggerate...He volunteered to take the boys to his mom's an hour away and keep them there for the afternoon while I did "me" things.

So I went to Gigantic Mall and shopped. I bought the shoes and dress below for a wedding husband and I are attending in July.

Then I wandered by the mall's play area which was crawling with toddlers since, yes, it was pouring rain outside. And I resisted the urge to laugh and point at the moms who, I swear, gave me dirty looks as I whizzed by them without a diaper bag, stroller, or kid on a leash.

Then I went to my salon and got a pedicure in OPI's Thrill in Brazil red. 'Cause that's an important detail you needed to know. I suppose I could post a photo, but I think one picture of my feet on my blog will do us all for a lifetime.

All in all, a relaxing day for me which deserved many hugs to husband when he got home. But don't cry for him Argentina...Friday's his day.

Tomorrow our agenda includes the local zoo and the horse track. And probably rain. I think I need a back-up plan.

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