Monday, June 25, 2007

A Vacation in Our Town: Day 1 of 5

Hubs and I had big plans for our summer vacation. "Had" is the important word here. We were going to visit a Caribbean beach with boys in tow. A really gorgeous all-inclusive family resort. We are the couple who, before kids, vowed to not let having children get in the way of our activities. We would simply make adjustments for time and of course pack more, but we still fill our every vacation whim like we'd always done.

(Insert sound of screeching vinyl record.)

Then we faced reality. Son 1 is almost three-and-a-half and Son 2 is 21 months. Together they are extremely busy, curious, active, boys who need more than 500 s.f. of hotel room and a long hallway in order to be boys. I think I'm seeing some nodding heads amongst you...

So instead of the trip to the Caribbean, we decided to be vacationers in our hometown.

Every day this week we have planned an activity we haven't done before or in a very long time. Our "hotel room" is our own house and we will be eating vacation food like grilled burgers and chicken fingers and french fries. And stop the presses: we are even going out to breakfast one day to a restaurant we've never visited before.

Today is the first installment of what is sure to become an epic tale of a Vacation in Our Town. So grab some popcorn and try to stay awake as you read...

Today we took the boys to our local water park. It's a pretty big operation, this park, or so the $19.95 admission price would have you believe. But the best part: it's only one mile from our house.

Despite being right up the street, we had to pack our car as if we were RVing cross country. Snacks, water, diapers, diapers, change of clothes, Little Swimmers, baby wipes. (Is it obvious? I was a little nervous since Son 2 did not accomplish his morning task before we left.)

Anyway, the day was thoroughly enjoyed by all of us. We saw several friends with their little ones and tried to have adult conversations but most of the time we were cutting each other off mid-sentence to chase a kid or grab hold of a slippery arm to pull him out of the water.

Okay, so being the former technical writer I am, wouldn't a bulleted list fit nicely here for some highlights of the day? You may notice a pattern...
  • For a while after we got there, Son 2 was never out of the clutches of me or hubs. Upon departure, he was climbing the steps to the slides and I'd meet him as he splashed into the water with squeals of delight.

  • Son 1 owned the large blue dinosaur slide. Pushed other kids aside to get up the steps only once. Lots of squealing with delight on the way down.

  • Visited the big wave pool. Son 2 was not impressed and wanted us to hold him. Son 1 ventured out to the point where the waves broke and allowed them to knock him off his feet. Squeals of delight with every "knockdown."
After our lunch of chicken fingers and french fries, we loaded up our RV/stroller and headed the whole mile home, where the boys took a glorious 2.5 hour nap. Think they would have done that in a little hotel room?!

What a fun first day of vacation, and I didn't even have to unpack. Much.

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