Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Vacation in Our Town: Day 3 of 5

(big sigh)
Our little city set a record today for rainfall on June 27: 2.59 inches. This sort of changed our plans for the zoo and the horse track. So we found ourselves loading up the boys and doing very un-vacation-like things such as going to the cleaners and dropping off the truck to have the oil changed.

In the middle of sloshing through town, Son 1 pipes up and says "I want to go get a donut." It's 11 a.m. And we said "...hmm...okay..." So the boys had donuts which promptly ruined their lunch but you know, they're on vacation, too. I think. Then we retreated to a McDonald's indoor playground with the rest of the city and returned home sufficiently worn out and ready for naps.

Tomorrow we have indoor plans, since the rain chances are something like 110%. At least then we won't be disappointed...

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