Saturday, June 02, 2007

The beach in our front yard

Ahhhh, you're gonna get tired of reading this on my blog, but I LOVE SUMMER!

This evening we had a party in the front yard. We live in a nice-enough neighborhood, but until recently the boys were pretty much the lone kiddos on our street. But now they have a victim, uh, playmate, other than each other!

"Jason" is a little over two years old and lives two houses down. After dinner we invited him and his mom and dad to come over...the pool was coming out again!

So pretty soon here came Jason walking across yards with great purpose and clutching his beach towel. Cutest thing ever.

Then up filled the pool. And down splashed three boys (many, many times). And the water from the hose flew everywhere. And the moms and dads lifeguarded from lawn chairs a safe distance away. And I sat there and thought, what a perfect evening. Good friends, good kids, and a good deal of hope that we'd do this many times this summer...

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