Friday, February 22, 2008

Which would YOU rather meet in a dark alley?

I really thought I had seen the scariest thing on earth when I read this article about a vicious, man-eating fish that can survive OUT of water for four days.

Then I saw this recipe from snooty-but-very-creative Food Network chef Ina Garten. Pecan Squares aren't usually scary -- unless the recipe calls for NINE sticks of butter. NINE. (Thanks for the link, LW). But I bet you could skinny it down by using only seven sticks and no one would notice.

Update: Those Pecan Squares have 25 Weight Watchers Points. Each. I believe I'd rather meet up with the man-eating fish.


Anonymous said...

25 points? Wow, I guess I'd face the fish. At least I think I could outrun it. Maybe.


Anonymous said...

Think how scary those squares would be if you didn't use "good" honey.