Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lotta good my moms' group is doing me...

At a recent meeting of The Moms the conversation turned to behavior issues with our kids (big surprise). I asked the group of about six moms: what is the best response to Mickey when he's constantly updating me on Alex's actions. Like he'll say, "Alex is smashing his cheese..." or something else just as benign.

One of the moms had a suggestion...say something like "I'll take care of Alex, you take care of you." Sounds logical. This could work!

So I tried it today:

"Mom, Alex is smashing his cheese..."

"I'll take care of Alex and you take care of you, okay?"

"Mom, you have to take care of me, too."

Thanks, moms...what else ya got?


Sister Honey Bunch/Judi maloney said...

I love his response. They're always one doggone step ahead of you.

Anonymous said...

That's my boy!

Anonymous said...

He's so smart! It's probably something you'll have to just endure, because I never figured out how to explain to a small one the difference between things a mom needs to know about and probably already does and has dismissed as no big deal and the things she doesn't know about and I'msogladyoutoldnmebecauseohmygoodnessIreallyneedtostopthat! kind of thing. Or at the very least get a picture of.

Maybe he's just telling you because he really doesn't know if the thing is okay or not and if it is he wants to do it, too, because, well, who wouldn't want to mash cheese?

A long time ago a mom tried to explain the difference to me between "informing" and "tattling". I never really got it, so I just learned to say "that's nice, dear" and move on with life.