Thursday, February 21, 2008

Is it wrong to enjoy your son's bout with stomach problems?

Last night Mickey was up for two hours throwing up. Poor thing...yeah, I fired up the washing machine about midnight. So I kept him home today from MDO but took Alex (he has not been stricken, thank goodness).

He and I spent the day on the sofa. I got out of going to the gym and doing laundry and I got four hours of very quiet time with my oldest. We watched a movie, looked at a book, and played with his new walkie-talkies. Bliss.

He's better now and eating a little, but still just turned down several notches.

So next week when he's bouncing off the walls and Alex I'm going to tell him "remember last week when you were so calm and cuddly? That, please, only without clean-up..."

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