Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The test of a two-year-old

I mentioned the other day that Alex was getting ready for the first academic test of his life. His teacher and I sat down in tiny chairs at a short table in an unused room at his school to discuss the results.

I was just a little nervous about it. Yes. Nervous. Would she tell me she's worried about Alex's development? Would she not but should? Would she say he's too aggressive to the other kids (at which point I would just have to apologize for not warning her)?

For you people who have work to do and need the nutshell version of his results, here it is:

He is normal.

For those of you who have nothing better to do:

Alex did a lot of what she asked him to do during the evaluation. There were also things I know he can do, but didn't do them for her. For instance, I know he can jump with both feet, at least that's what he does to get from the ottoman, sofa, coffee table, and third stair to the floor. I also know he can say a three-word sentence. Several of them. All day long, over and over and over until I cave in...

Then there were a few things he didn't do and that I know he can't do. Am I going to worry about that? Probably. And several of you out there are going to tell me I'm crazy and let the boy be a boy and don't push him.

Okay. Maybe.

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Anonymous said...

You're not crazy. Just a mother. And a good one.